Above: Cadmium telluride nanoparticles synthesized during my time at the Murray Lab (Transmission Electron Microscope Image). Below: Materials samples 

Materials                        & Design

I am a PhD candidate in the Object-Based Media group at the Media Lab, where I explore means to create and transform interactive displays and interfaces through a materials science lens. I presently work on biomimetic optical structures for generating structural color, and have previously worked on the development of holographic video devices, synthesis of quantum dots, and responsive material systems for mediated cell growth.  I am also interested in scientific communication and representation for education, engagement, and wellbeing. I graduated with a BS & MS in Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in 2014, and an MS in Media Arts and Sciences in 2016. At MIT, I serve as an RA, and a Graduate Community Fellow. I like tea, and exploring cities. In my spare time I enjoy writing, running, and trying new food.