Sunny Jolly, Nick Savidis, Bianca Datta

Our group combines computational methods with complex in house nanofabrication of components to address all aspects of the process of bringing true holographic video displays to life.  We approach every level of the problem, from the technical challenges of material processing to the infrastructure needed for computation through the user experience of viewing the content. 

HoloVideo draws upon material science, electrical engineering, photonics, nanofabrication, and consumer electronics. Working on this project has provided me with invaluable experience on collaborating closely with people from different backgrounds to approach every level of a system, ranging from development of fundamental scientific advances to usability and user experience. I work on the technical and materials challenges involved in translating existing systems into an improved, near-to-eye dynamic system. In collaboration with my labmates Nick Savidis and Sunny Jolly, I developed a reproducible process for writing greyscale holograms and gratings using electron beam lithography. I provide necessary expertise in cleanroom nanoscale fabrication. Through this experience, I have developed competency on a variety of instrumentation and a deeper understanding of light manipulation.  In upcoming months, we are exploring relevant materials and processing for creation of dynamic displays via femtosecond micromachining, applying novel processing techniques to an existing problem.