Bianca Datta, Ermal Dreshaj

DUSK is a compact resting space made for brief breaks, naps or meditation during busy times at the office.

Conceptualized as part of the Advancing Wellness Initiative at MIT Media Lab, the philosophy was to make an affordable and easy to fabricate design that could be placed in various corners of the lab.

The design is thoroughly parametric, meaning that DUSK pods can be re-sized according to the height of the user and the thickness of the material.

Post-fabrication, the pieces can be assmbled via press-fit locking mechanism--no screws or nails are required. Due to the nature of the dome structure, it is spacious, rigid and sturdy.

As part of the process we conducted a user study to examine the potential effects of implementing such a solution. Read more here. As a result of this work, resting spaces will be placed across the lab in the near future.