I am a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab and I arrived at MIT from Maryland via Philadelphia. I study materials (both how we can leverage them for technology and how we perceive them). I am part of the Object-Based Media group, in which I investigate how to create and transform interactive displays and interfaces, focusing on the human response to material properties. I have worked on the development of holographic video devices, and Iā€™m now also exploring responsive material systems.  Through this research, I want to understand how dynamic or responsive technologies can impact wellbeing. I'm interested in scientific communication and representation for education, engagement, and wellbeing.

I studied Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 2014. While at Penn, I served as a Resident Advisor and led a Visual Arts Residential Program to escape the linearity of engineering problem sets and strike a balance between technical tasks and creative endeavors. I spent time as a Peer Advisor and Teaching Assistant and I worked in a Chemistry/ Materials Science lab and researched quantum dot materials for photovoltaic applications.

I enjoy eating frozen yogurt, drinking tea, and exploring cities. I'm frequently excited by dinosaurs and sushi, and I hope to one day apply my materials science background to a career in human-centered materials design and research. Check out my Media Lab website here


  • Design Software: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Solidworks

  • Simulation, Analysis: MATLAB, Basic Python, ImageJ

  • Nanofabrication/Materials testing: SEM, AFM, Wet Etching, E-Beam Lithography, Chemical Development and Synthesis, Spin-coating and developing, Photolithography, Basic Metrology, Rheology, Femtosecond micromachining, Extensive cleanroom experience 

  • Rapid prototyping and fabrication tools, 3D printing, laser cutting, computer-controlled machining, water-jet cutting, etc.