Emotive Materials

Bianca Datta


As we move towards tools that allow us to create our own materials, having a set of rules with which to evaluate, interpret, and design them will become increasingly important. One way of approaching this problem is by unpacking the ways in which materials create meaning. This project explores the more emotive aspects of materials, such as haptic responses to, cognitive evaluation of, and emotive perception of materials to understand how materials communicate meaning.The development of an effective methodology aims to lower the barriers of fabrication of engaging objects and encourage a framework for conversations around material issues. This is my thesis project. 

Holographic Video Technology

Bianca Datta, Sunny Jolly, Nick Savidis



We aim to enable consumer devices  to display holographic video images in real time, suitable for entertainment, engineering, telepresence, or medical imaging. Our research addresses real-time scene capture and transmission, computational strategies, display technologies, interaction models, and applications. For our current project we adapt our guided-wave light-modulator technology to see-through lenses to create a wearable 3D display suitable for augmented or virtual reality applications. As part of this work we also are developing a femtosecond-laser-based process that can fabricate the entire device by "printing." I contribute to the research on materials for use in such systems and relevant material phenomena. 


Senior Design:

 Artificial doping in self-assembled binary nanocrystal superlattices

Bianca Datta, Divij Damodhar, Dr. Matteo Cargnello



The focus of this project was the formation of binary superlattices of cadmium selenide (CdSe) quantum dots with plasmonic gold(Au) particles. These coupled assemblies served as an observable model of atomic doping phenomena through ordered, close-packed monolayers. They are fascinating for studies on effects of plasmonics on solar cells and energy conversion devices. Ultimately this could lead to fabrication of smaller, more efficient devices. I contributed to the synthesis, characterization, and analysis of these systems. Watch our presentation here